Calf Treatment

Treatments we offer to calves:

  • Calf care: probios: powder and paste puts good bugs in gut, to digest good nutrients.
  • Achieve pro: charcoal base, good gut ingredients for stomach and liver function.
  • Last stand: severe scour and dehydration.¬†
  • Scour treatments: spectogard liquid
  • Terramycin tablet
  • Hydr-lyte electrolytes¬†
  • Treatment of coccidiosis: corid water soluble, liquid and pellets

New born calves:
  • Super 7 navel dry up spray, faster than iodine.
  • Colostrum replacer
  • Attain concentrated colostrum
  • First defense bolus (ecoli)
  • Enforce 3 (respitory) nasal spray

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